Can Badminton Players Wear Glasses?

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About half of the population in the world today wear some sort of glasses or contact lenses. If you are part of the population wearing glasses in everyday life, you may be wondering if bringing your pair onto the badminton courts would help or hinder your play. So, can badminton players wear glasses? 

Can you play badminton with glasses

The simple answer is yes, badminton players can wear glasses. Since badminton is a non-contact sport it is reasonably safe to wear glasses while playing. If wearing them helps with your vision while playing, there’s no reason for you to avoid them.

Some struggle with visions issues, but still hold to the belief that you shouldn’t wear glasses while playing sports in general. It is important to remember that even if you wear glasses, it does not mean you cannot enjoy your favorite sport. Some professional badminton players wear glasses or contact lenses.

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Why Do Most Badminton Players Not Wear Glasses?

Having regular glasses on while playing badminton is difficult because they do not stay on well. As you play, there is a risk of them falling off and breaking, which would ruin your rhythm, and could also be dangerous. Adding silicon non-slip sleeves to your temples or having your optician tighten them can allow you to play with your glasses. Another option is to invest in sports glasses, which will definitely stay on, or use contact lenses.

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Another problem most badminton players who wear glasses face is that their glasses can get quite foggy when they sweat a lot. When this occurs, their vision can be obstructed while playing and could lead to unwanted match results. Furthermore, constantly wiping your glasses to remove the fog can be annoying and aggravating. 

If that’s the case, you might want to consider wearing contacts or sports glasses if you’re not used to wearing contacts. Sports glasses are designed to seal off moisture, keeping your vision clear. Another option would be to use some anti-fog spray for your glasses. 

If you choose to wear glasses while playing badminton, there are a few things to keep in mind. Telling your optometrist what you plan to use them for is very important. You can get a pair of spectacles with lenses made from durable, unbreakable polycarbonate. In other words, even if the glasses are accidentally knocked off or you have a mishap, it is much less likely that they will suffer damage.

Can Badminton Players Wear Contact Lenses?

It is possible to wear contact lenses while playing badminton. Contact lenses are ideal for playing because they solve the main problems that glasses have – falling off and fogging up. Make sure, however, that the contact lenses you wear while playing are comfortable.

Contact lenses are a sensible choice that can free you from your glasses for good. People who are vision impaired will prefer them, accept them, or hate them as a matter of personal preference. You also won’t have to worry about your glasses falling. The fact that contact lenses are better for facilitating mobility on the court as opposed to normal eyeglasses can help you improve your badminton game.

Nevertheless, contact lenses cost starts at $250 per year. Compared to glasses, they are more expensive. These costs continue to accumulate after a year, while glasses usually last for many years. Furthermore, wearing contact lenses is not recommended if you have dry eyes or often suffer from eye infections.

Foggy Glasses
You can use contact lenses to avoid foggy glasses.

Do Badminton Players Wear Protective Eye Gear?

How about protective eyewear? What is the purpose of wearing protective eyewear on a badminton court?

This is the obvious solution to protecting your eyes. There is always the possibility of an accident on the court.

Badminton Protective Goggles
Protective eyewear can prevent injuries!

It might seem like protective eye gear is not necessary for badminton competition at first glance, but take a second look before hitting the court. In Canada, racquet sports eye injuries accounted for 30% to 58% of all these injuries in a decade of study published in the Physician and Sports Medicine Journal. Not using protective eye gear could lead to weeks of confined recovery from an eye injury. Is that worth missing work or school over? Worse yet, would skipping over the often-forgotten badminton goggles accessory be worth the risk of surgery for diminished vision?

You can be sure that your glasses will stay on when you buy sports glasses specifically for badminton. The angle of the nose pad and temples can be adjusted on most sports glasses, so you can customize the fit to your head. These are also equipped with a firm and comfortable strap that goes behind your head, giving you the best hold possible.

Furthermore, sports glasses provide better eye protection than traditional prescription glasses. Several racket sports researchers always recommend wearing glasses to protect your eyes in the event a ball or shuttlecock strikes you in the face.

As with racquetball, sports glasses are recommended in badminton because a shuttlecock coming straight at your eye could be very dangerous.

Your playing partner has the potential to hurt your eyes. Using badminton goggles will protect a player who ends up getting hit in the eyes. When playing badminton, eye protection also helps you avoid injury from an errant racket swing. In addition, wearing badminton goggles adds an element of fearlessness to your game. If you know that there is an extra layer of protection, you can play more aggressively.

When it comes to sports glasses, you’re probably going to have to consult your optician and have the right lens fitted according to your prescription. Even though it is not the cheapest method, it works best.

Badminton Player with Eyeglasses
Consult your optician for the right lens and have fun!

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