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What Shuttles are Used in Professional Badminton Tournaments?

What Shuttles are Used in Professional Badminton Tournaments (3)
There are tons of different badminton shuttles available in the world, but what shuttles are actually used when big prize money is on the line? Professionals require the best shuttles that fly with consistency and precision while being highly durable to withstand their powerful hits. Find out what shuttles professionals use when hundreds of thousands of dollars are on the line!

Lee Zii Jia – The Ever-Evolving Fearless Young Athlete

Lee Zii Jia
Being an athlete is about more than endless training, big games, and taking home gold medals. Some athletes discover they’re good at a sport at a young age and rise fast as they progress through their journey. However, others have different fates, facing as many roadblocks as breakthroughs. That’s been Lee Zii Jia’s story. Read on to know more!