Top Badminton Countries in 2019

Infographics - Top Badminton Countries 2019
2019 was truly a memorable year for badminton. It had some of the most exciting matches, with world-class players competing to be at the top of the leaderboard. Legendary names like Kento Momota and Chen Yu Fei made headlines for their impressive badminton performances. But which countries indeed dominated the sport in 2019?

Top Badminton Countries in 2021

Infographics - Top Badminton Countries 2021
2020 saw Japan taking first place, but do you know who the top badminton country was in 2021? Find out in my latest post on the top badminton nations of 2021!

Lee Zii Jia – The Ever-Evolving Fearless Young Athlete

Lee Zii Jia
Being an athlete is about more than endless training, big games, and taking home gold medals. Some athletes discover they’re good at a sport at a young age and rise fast as they progress through their journey. However, others have different fates, facing as many roadblocks as breakthroughs. That’s been Lee Zii Jia’s story. Read on to know more!

Rexy Mainaky – Men’s Doubles GOAT!

Rexy Mainaky - Men’s Doubles GOAT!
Rexy Mainaky won every title there is to win. Dominant in the 90s, he deserves his Hall of Famer status. See this player’s achievements in my latest post!