Badminton Vs Crossminton: What’s the Difference?

Badminton Vs Crossminton What’s the Difference
Badminton resembles many sports. In this installment of my badminton-versus series, I distinguish badminton from a seemingly similar sport, crossminton. So how are they different? Find out!

What is an Alley in Badminton?

What is an Alley in Badminton
In badminton, the alley and back alley mark the areas for legal play. So how can you use them to your advantage in your next match?

What are Good Stretches for Badminton?

What are Good Stretches for Badminton
With so many “great” stretches out there, which ones give you the most bang for your buck on the badminton court? Find out the best stretches for your pre and post-game stretching workout in my latest post!

Who Won the Badminton Olympics in 2021?

Who Won the Badminton Olympics in 2021
The 2021 Olympic games were a nail-biting spectacle of badminton skills. Find out who took home the coveted Olympic gold medal in my latest post!

What is Badminton Played With?

What is Badminton Played With
A racket, shuttlecock, and the net are the essential pieces of equipment you’ll need for a game of badminton, but there are rules for each. Find out more in my latest post!

Where Did Badminton Start?

Where Did Badminton Start
While we know how popular badminton has become, where did it start? We’ll dig into the history of the sport and its name in my latest post.

How Does Hawk-Eye Technology Work in Badminton?

How Does Hawk-Eye Technology Work in Badminton
Badminton officials can make mistakes. Good thing there’s Hawk-Eye to clear the confusion when calls are tough to make. Find out more about Hawk-Eye technology in this post!