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Looking for a gift for your friend who loves badminton? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of the 18 best and most creative gifts to get your badminton crazed friend. Take a look below and you’re sure to find something he or she will like. Happy shopping! Note: you’ll have to disable your ad blocker to see the products here.

1. Badminton Shuttlecock Chandelier

Show all your guests you’re a serious badminton fan with your very own shuttlecock chandelier!

2. LED Badminton Shuttlecocks

Glow in the dark badminton shuttlecocks? HELL YEAH! Don’t expect these to last long if your friend hits hard but you’ll have a blast while it lasts and you’ll certainly attract some attention from it.

3. Yonex Badminton Shuttlecock Keychain

Every serious badminton player knows about the name iconic Yonex brand. What better way to show the world your love of badminton than with a Yonex Keychain?

4. Cute Badminton Shuttlecock and Racket Keyrings

Buying for many badminton fans? No problem.

5. Cute Badminton Racket Gel Pens

Cute, practical, and shows your love of badminton – what else do you need?

6. Personalized Badminton Keychain Engraving

Engrave whatever you wish into this keychain flap!

7. Badminton Bottle Opener, Nail Clipper, and Key Chain All in One

3 things in one and branded with badminton – compact and useful!

8. Badminton PopSocket

Who doesn’t like a PopSocket?

9. Badminton T-Shirt

Show your love for badminton with this badass shirt!

10. Cute Panda Badminton T-Shirt

Or show your love with this adorable panda shirt instead!

11. Eat Sleep Badminton Notebook

A notebook for all the badminton nerds.

12. Badminton License Plate Holder

Show all the drivers behind you what you’d rather be doing.

13. Cute Badminton Bear Sticker

A super cute sticker to put on your computer or anything else.

14. A Badminton Workout and Nutrition Journal

Keep track of your progress in this stylish journal!

15. Badminton Engraved Tie Tack

Keep your tie in place with a badminton engraved tie tack!

16. Badminton Mug

Remind your family and friends how much you love badminton every time you get a drink.

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