The Complete Guide to Yonex Badminton Accessories

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Yonex is the biggest badminton brand in the world. When you think of badminton, you think of Yonex. It’s pretty much impossible to dive into the badminton world without encountering their logo. I, personally, love their products which is why BadmintonBites already has many guides on their other products, including shuttlecocks, rackets, and grips. You can find all of them over at our Badminton Equipment page, among many other gems.

This guide in particular, is about Yonex’s badminton accessories. These are products that Yonex has created in addition to their core badminton products. They often don’t directly affect your badminton game as much as rackets and shuttlecocks but can still have a big effect on your overall badminton experience.

These are things like headbands, cushion wraps, and insoles. These can all affect your performance or comfort on the badminton court. A lot (but not all) of these accessories are not specific to badminton and can be used in other sports as well. However, the Yonex branding will make them recognizable anywhere you go – granted that people know what badminton is.

Without further ado, let’s look into what Yonex has to offer to enhance your badminton experience.

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Yonex Cushion Wrap

Cushion wrap is a bit different than grips but is related to it, which is why we cover it in our Yonex grips guide as well. Generally, players simply put an overgrip, such as the extremely popular Yonex Super Grap on top of the original racket grip. However, the original racket grip is not particularly soft, making the handle more firm. Some players like a softer, more cushioning feel under their hand which is where the cushion wrap comes into play. To apply the cushion wrap, you should remove your racket’s original grip from your racket, put the cushion wrap around the racket to your liking, and then put on an overgrip afterwards.

AmazonYellow | Pink
YumoYellow | Pink

Yonex Grip Powder

Grip powder is used to prevent your hands from slipping off your racket handle by keeping your hands dry. You’ll see some professional players use this in-between points to give them the best grip. It’s made with magnesium carbonate, calcium carbonate, pine resin, eggshell, and zeolite. Players typically apply it to the grip of their rackets instead of directly onto their hands.

AmazonGrip Powder
YumoGrip Powder

Yonex Insoles

These are extra shoe insoles that you can use when your original insoles are worn out. I personally have put so much pressure on certain parts of my insoles (specifically, right under the “ball” of my foot) that I’ve created holes in them! Getting these shoe insoles saves you from having to completely buy new badminton shoes. I’ve certainly been through a good number of them myself.


Yonex AC398 Sport Glasses

These are protective goggles that you can wear to protect your glasses or eyes. Badminton is a really fast sport (in fact, it’s the world’s fastest racket sport) and getting hit in the eye or face is no fun. Experienced players know when to duck, cover their face, or look away. However, beginners and less experienced players don’t. I’ve personally seen players get hit in the eye or face because they didn’t understand the game situation well enough. I even saw a pair of glasses fall and shatter in a badminton game. These goggles are the perfect way for you to protect yourself in these situations.

VsmashYonex Sport Glasses

Yonex Shuttle Keychain with Whistle

A keychain that shows your love for badminton and Yonex. It has a cute little shuttlecock and a Yonex branded shuttlecock tube that also acts as a whistle.

AmazonKeychain with Whistle

Yonex Cloth Racket Case

Yonex provides some soft covers for your rackets that can help protect them from scratches during transport. They’re a bit different from your traditional racket cases that are more heavy duty. These are lighter and smaller, and therefore easier to carry around. The case only goes around the head of the racket which protects the most vulnerable part of your racket. However, the shaft and handle will be exposed so make sure they aren’t in contact with anything sharp or dirty!

AmazonBlue | Black | Orange | Red

Racket Cases

Any seasoned badminton player have seen these traditional racket cases. They’re sturdy, can cover the entire racket, and can be used to protect 1 or 2 rackets at a time. Note, though, that they are not very flexible and so have a harder time fitting inside bags with limited space.

YumoRed | Astrox | Voltric | Glanz

Yonex Stencil

This is a Yonex stencil which you can use to put the Yonex logo on anything you like. Stringers often use these stencils to put drawings on strings after they are done stringing a racket.


Yonex Stencil Ink

This is ink that is used for stencil art. You would require a stencil, which is described above, in combination with stencil ink to put your favorite logo or art piece onto your badminton strings.

AmazonRed | Black | White
YumoRed | Black | White

Yonex Headbands

Headbands are a common accessory used in badminton to prevent sweat from dripping down from your hair and onto your face. If you have problems with sweat going into your eyes in the middle of a match, you would surely benefit from getting a headband to soak it all up. In addition, headbands also help keep your hair out of your face. Professionals like Anders Antonsen, Tai Tzu Ying, and 2017 World Champion Viktor Axelsen can be seen wearing headbands regularly.

YumoRed | Black | White | Navy Blue

Yonex Bandana Headband

The Yonex bandana headband serves the same purpose as a regular headband described above but has a stylish knot at the end of it. The formidable women single’s player An Se Young frequently wears these.


Yonex Wristbands

Wristbands help keep sweat from your arms away from your hands. If you find that your grip is slippery frequently, then you may want to get one of these since oftentimes sweat goes down from your arms onto your hands. Players also use these wristbands to help wipe sweat away from their face when needed. Alternatively or additionally, you can look into some towel grips or grip powder. These Yonex wristbands are made of 90% cotton, 6% rubber, and 4% nylon. and are 80 mm x 80 mm in size (3.2 in x 3.2 in).

AmazonBlack | Red | Yellow | Navy Blue
YumoBlack | White | Red | Navy Blue

Yonex Verycool Face Mask

Yonex AC 480 Sports Face Mask

Yonex offers branded face masks which, as I’m sure you know, have been made essential due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They’re reusable and fairly stylish. They’re marketed as “Verycool” (yes, one word) – I’ll let you be the judge of that.

YumoBlack | Ice Gray

Yonex Socks

Yonex offers low cut, quarter socks, and crew socks. They’re what you would expect from socks. I personally prefer low cut socks but you have to make sure that your shoes won’t rub up against the exposed part of your leg if so. If it does, then the friction from the rubbing would feel uncomfortable after a while.

AmazonLow Cut
YumoLong | Ergo Low

Yonex Sports Towel

Yonex Sports Towel

These are Yonex branded towels that should be enough to wipe off your sweat in a badminton session. But if you’re like me who sweats buckets, you’ll probably need a few more.

Amazon White, Green, and Blue

Yonex Shower Towel

A big Yonex branded towel for you to dry yourself after a shower. Or you can just use 1 of these to wipe your sweat in your matches, just like the pros.

AmazonWhite, Green, and Blue
YumoWhite, Green, and Blue

Yonex Water Bottle

Yonex has their own water bottle that holds up to 1 Liter of liquids. It is completely made of Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) which is recyclable. However, the bottle is highly reusable so you will likely be using it for many years to come.

YumoBlue/White | Silver/Blue

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