An Overview of Li-Ning Badminton Shuttlecocks

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As you may have noticed, it’s incredibly difficult to find good information about badminton shuttlecocks online. In fact, just finding out what is even available is a headache! Which is why I’ve created this post to help you understand what shuttlecocks Li-Ning has to offer. I’ve already written about some other brands which you can find below:

Shuttlecock BrandPost
YonexFeathered | Synthetic

Note that this is just an overview of the shuttlecocks, I haven’t tried them personally yet but plan to in the future so stay tuned for those updates!

Let’s first look at the list of shuttlecocks available. I sorted them by the type of feathers they use and are roughly in the order of quality within their own series.

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Li-Ning Shuttlecocks Overview

Goose Feather

  1. A+ 600
  2. A+ 300
  3. A+ 100
  4. A+ 90
  5. A+ 70
  6. A+ 60
  7. Super 1000
  8. Super 750
  9. Super 500

Duck Feather

  1. A+ 80
  2. A+ 50
  3. A+ 40
  4. KS 50
  5. KS 40
  6. SG Gold
  7. A2
  8. Champ


  1. Mark X800
  2. Bolt Gold
  3. Bolt Boost
  4. Bolt Neo

Li-Ning Shuttlecock Series

As you may have noticed, there are a couple of series of shuttlecocks listed above. Let’s take a look at each of them.

First though, I want to note that Li-Ning has recently created some new Series that are not on this list since I couldn’t find much information on them or where to buy them. They are the D, C, G, and K Series. I believe that these Series are just re-brandings of their original shuttlecocks but it’s not entirely clear. 

The D Series has shuttlecocks D1, D3, D6, and D8. The C Series has shuttlecocks C10, C20, C30, C60, and C80. The G Series has shuttlecocks G100, G200, G300, G500, G600, G700, G800, and G900. The K Series has shuttlecocks K2, K3, K5, K6, K7, and K8.

From what I see, the G shuttlecocks use goose feathers while C and D use duck feathers. If you ever find more information on these, please let me know in the comments below or by email at!

A+ Series

The Li-Ning A+ series is Li-Ning’s most prominent brand of shuttlecocks. They go from A+ 40 to A+ 600, with A+ 600 being the highest quality shuttlecocks. While the shuttlecocks are all part of the same series, not all of them are made of goose feather, which makes it somewhat confusing. The A+ 40, 50, and 80 are all made using duck feathers instead of goose feathers, which generally means that they are not as durable.

Super Series

The Li-Ning Super Series are all goose feather shuttlecocks. I don’t really see them available on many websites or on their catalog so they might be an older series that isn’t widely available.

The shuttlecocks available in the Super Series are the Super 500Super 750Super 1000. They’re likely using these numbers for marketing purposes as they are the same names as the levels of major Super Series badminton tournaments.

KS Series

The KS Series is Li-Ning’s Kason brand shuttlecocks. Kason is a brand that was acquired by Li-Ning and has its own shuttlecocks. From what I see, they aren’t particularly well known and use duck feathers.

Bolt Series

The Bolt Series are synthetic shuttlecocks that are popular and available in India. I didn’t see them marketed anywhere else but you might be able to get them shipped to you even if you’re not in India.

Li-Ning Goose Shuttlecocks

A+ 600

Li-Ning A+ 600

The A+ 600, which seems to be rebranded as the G900, is Li-Ning’s top of the line shuttlecock. It is approved by BWF for tournament play and made with the highest grade of goose feathers. It is supposed to be similar to Yonex’s Aerosensa 50 and Victor’s Master Ace.

A+ 300

The A+ 300, which seems to be rebranded as the G800, is Li-Ning’s 2nd best shuttlecock and is used for international play. It is also among BWF’s list of approved shuttlecocks and is similar to Yonex’s Aerosensa 40 and Victor’s Master No. 1.

A+ 100

The A+ 100 is the last of the A+ shuttlecocks on BWF’s list of approved shuttlecocks. It is similar to Yonex’s Aerosensa 30.

A+ 90

A+ 90

The A+ 90 is considered a provincial level shuttlecock in China – which means state level in other countries. It is similar to Yonex’s Aerosensa 20 and Victor’s Champion No. 3.

A+ 70

A+ 70

The A+ 70 is used for recreational play. It is similar to Victor’s Master No. 6.

A+ 60

A+ 60 Shuttlecock
A+ 60 Shuttlecock

The A+ 60 is used for recreational play and training purposes. For some reason, they come in tubes of 15, so the tubes are longer than normal, but you get more for your money. They are similar to the Victor Master No. 7. You can read a more detailed review of it here.

Super 1000

Li-Ning Super 1000
Li-Ning Super 1000

The Super 1000 is a best seller in Europe and was designed for tournament play.

Super 750

Li-Ning Super 750
Li-Ning Super 750

The Super 750 is also designed for tournament play but is a lower grade than the Super 1000.

Super 500

Li-Ning Super 500
Li-Ning Super 500

The Super 500 was designed for recreational play and beginners.

Li-Ning Duck Shuttlecocks

A+ 80

Li Ning A+60

The A+ 80 is considered a shuttlecock to be used at the regional or county level. It is similar to the Victor Champion No. 3.

A+ 50

The A+ 50 is a training shuttlecock. It is similar to the Victor Champion No. 5.

A+ 40

Li-Ning A+ 40
Li-Ning A+ 40

The A+ 40 is the lowest grade shuttlecock in the A+ Series. It is similar to the Victor Champion No. 7.

KS 50

Kason KS50
Kason KS50

The KS 50 is claimed to be a regional grade shuttlecock. It uses a synthetic cork and is part of Li-Ning’s Kason brand.

KS 40

Kason KS40
Kason KS40

The KS 40 is recreational shuttlecock. It uses a synthetic cork and is part of Li-Ning’s Kason brand.

SG Gold

Li-Ning SG Gold
Li-Ning SG Gold

The SG Gold claims to be a competition level shuttlecock.


Li-Ning A2
Li-Ning A2

The A2 shuttlecock is marketed to be used for training purposes.


Li-Ning Champ
Li-Ning Champ

The Champ shuttlecock should be used for training purposes.

Li-Ning Synthetic Shuttlecocks

Mark X800

The Mark X800 is available worldwide and is Li-Ning’s most popular synthetic shuttlecock.

Bolt Gold

Li-Ning Bolt Gold
Li-Ning Bolt Gold

The Bolt Gold is the best shuttlecock in the Bolt Series and can be used by advanced players who wish to continue using synthetic shuttlecocks.

Bolt Boost

Li-Ning Bolt Boost
Li-Ning Bolt Boost

The Bolt Boost was created for intermediate players and sacrifices some durability for better flight than the Bolt Neo.

Bolt Neo

Li-Ning Bolt Neo
Li-Ning Bolt Neo

The Bolt Neo is very popular in India and is extremely durable. It is great for beginners and training.

About Li-Ning

Li-Ning is a sports company founded in 1989 by a champion gymnast of the same name. The company was started in China but has grown to produce and distribute products worldwide. As you may know, Li-Ning produces plenty of badminton equipment, but they also create products for other sports like running, weight lifting, and basketball.

Li-Ning, the founder of Li-Ning the company, is an ex-gymnast, who won 106 gold medals in his gymnastics career, with 3 of them being Olympic golds in the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics. Now, through his company, he is a billionaire entrepreneur as its largest shareholder.

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