An Honest Review of the Yonex Clean Grap

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Welcome to yet another honest product review. Today, I will be reviewing the Yonex Clean Grap. For all my other reviews, check out the badminton equipment page.

Here’s a quick preview of my ratings:

Rating CategoryScore (out of 5)
Image with text - Spider Chart Yonex Clean Grap (Triangle)

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Below are the specifications of the grip and a transcript of the back of the packaging.

Clean Grap – Synthetic Over Grip
Anti-Bacterial & Deodorant
Product ID: AC147EX
Enclosed: 3 Grips

The new material, “ODOURLESS”, provides anti-bacterial properties and deodorises, supporting hygienic play.
Long lasting, superior wet feel and non-slip grip.
Please replace the grip when the printing on the grip fades.

Attach tapered end to the end of racquet handle.
Wrap grip tape with a 1/8″ overlap while turning handle and holding tape taut. (Remove cellophane protector at the same time.)
Cut end of grip tape to complete application.
Secure with enclosed YONEX adhesive tape.

Material: Polyurethane, Odourless
Width: 25mm / Length: 1200mm
Thickness: 0.6mm / Enclosed: 3 grips

Made in Indonesia
Materials produced in Japan
Cutting in Indonesia

Next, here are some pictures of the grip showing its length and weight as well as me gripping my racket with it for the first time.

The Yonex Clean Grap that I got was white and plastered with blue Yonex logos all over it. Most other Yonex grips I’ve seen don’t actually come with the logo on it, so it’s pretty interesting to see this design.

As advertised, the Yonex Clean Grap was completely odourless when I opened the grip.

The advertised length of the grip is 1200 mm but I measured mine at 1240 mm, so no issues there. Weighing the grip shows that it is 5 grams.

After the 1st Session

My first impressions from using the Yonex Clean Grap is that it’s very similar to the Yonex Super Grap but dryer. In other words, it’s less tacky – which might be a little more comfortable for those who sweat a lot from their hands. Personally, I sweat a lot from my head rather than my hands, so it didn’t make a big difference for me.

It did feel like there was a little bit of powder on the grip that made it less tacky and give a more “clean” feel like its name suggests, meaning that it doesn’t really stick to your hand. I’d also think that the powder also helps to deodorize the grip so that there’s no smell even if you sweat a lot.

After the 2nd Session

You can see that the grip has a small, but visible tear on one side of the grip already after my second session. The grip is also noticeably darker than it was before, which is a sign that the grip easily stains.

In terms of gameplay, it still plays quite well as it did before. The powdery feel wasn’t as noticeable this time around but the grap still felt pretty “clean”. It’s quite possible that as I play on with the grip, it will lose this “clean” feeling though and I’d have to change to a new grip to get the same feeling again.

After the 3rd Session

You can see after my 3rd session that the grip looks pretty dirty now. The black smears are really visible now and the original tear got a little bit bigger. I’d say that playing with the grip still felt pretty good though. It kept dry and I never really had any issues with it slipping out of my hand.

After the 4th Session

I’d say that my 4th session was pretty similar to my 3rd session. You can see that there weren’t many changes to my grip and that there are a little bit more black spots on the grip but also some that faded.

I decided to also do a smell test at this point since the grip advertises that it “provides anti-bacterial properties and deodorises, supporting hygienic play.” However, the grip really only smelled like my badminton bag. The smell does linger on the grip itself so I can’t say that it completely removes all smell, but it doesn’t smell bad at all.

In this session, I also accidentally got the grip pretty wet. It was a bit slippery for a couple of rallies but then it was alright again at that point. This would probably be the case for all the “flat” grips but if it was a towel grip or a spiral grip, it probably would’ve been less slippery or easier to control at that point.


Rating CategoryScore (out of 5)


Comfort Rating: 3.5 / 5

I define comfort as a state of physical ease and freedom from pain or constraint. What I am looking for from a comfort aspect is if the product provides a pleasant gripping experience. From the sensation of holding the grip to the degree the grip makes the game play more enjoyable.

I thought that the Yonex Clean Grap was fairly comfortable to grip. It’s a little bit dryer than say the Yonex Super Grap or the Yonex Tacky Grip but it plays pretty similarly. If you like a dry, clean feeling, then I’d say this grip would be pretty comfortable for you to hold onto. Otherwise, if you’re used to more tacky grips, it could be a little bit easier to slip out of your hand while you’re playing.

My co-founder actually really enjoyed using this grip while he was testing it out compared to some of the other grips because it felt really “clean” (like the name of the grip suggests) but still gave him enough grip. Overall, he found it even more comfortable than the Yonex Super Grap which he’s used for many years. He does sweat quite a bit which trickles onto his hand though, so keep that in mind with his experience.


Durability Rating: 2.5 / 5

I define durability as the ability to withstand wear, pressure, and damage. From a durability standpoint, I am looking for the grip product to remain intact and retain the same feel and quality as if it were newly applied.

Durability for the Yonex Clean Grap is probably its biggest weak point. After 2 sessions, I already saw a visible tear and black dirt marks started appearing on the grip. They didn’t really affect my gameplay at this point though but I suspect it will degrade more. You can probably play with it for 8 sessions (of 2 to 3 hours each) or possibly a bit more depending on how bothered you are with the grip being worn out.

You can see a big difference with this grip compared to the Yonex Super Tough Grap, which barely has any differences between the play sessions.


Feel Rating: 3.5 / 5

I define feel as how well a player is able to maintain control over their shots by means of handling their racket. This involves how the grip aids the transmission of subtle movements from the player’s hand to the racket.

The Yonex Clean Grap was pretty standard when it came to feel. I didn’t have any issues handling my racket but it also wasn’t particularly amazing. In this regard, it’s pretty similar to the Yonex Super Grap and Yonex Super Tough Grap as the grip is flat and doesn’t have extra texture like the Kimony KGT109 has.

As before, the grip feels dryer than other grips do, which may add an extra half or full point to the score here to players who sweat a lot from their hands.

Critical Thoughts About the Yonex Clean Grap

  1. The grip isn’t that durable. It shows signs of wear and tear pretty quickly as well as dirt spots after only 2 to 3 sessions. The value of the Yonex Clean Grap won’t come from its longevity, but rather from its “clean” feeling and deodorizing feature.
  2. It’s fairly standard in comfort and feel, but not spectacular.


Rating CategoryScore (out of 5)

The Yonex Clean Grap is a decent grip but seems to be marketed towards a subset of players who are really looking for the “clean” and dry feeling when playing badminton. This makes it good for players with sweaty palms who don’t need their grips to be particularly tacky.

For most players, the standard and popular Yonex Super Grap would probably suffice and you wouldn’t feel a big difference between the two.

The packaging advertises that it is “Long lasting, superior wet feel” does not seem accurate in my testing as its durability wasn’t that good compared to that of other grips and it doesn’t feel wet at all.

Other than that, it does seem to do what it advertises and is all-around decent. Try it out if you’re looking for something slightly different from your regular grip.

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