10 Hilarious Badminton Memes Players Can Relate To

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So, this is my first time making ANY memes. Ever. And of course, they’re going to have to be about badminton!

I always find humor in things that have some (or a lot) of truth to them. So, a lot of these are going to be coming from my own personal badminton experience which spans over 15 years. A lot of these I would think many experienced badminton players would also be able to relate to. Without further ado, let’s get started!

1. Badminton is Not an Outdoor Sport

Everywhere I go, whenever I mention that I play badminton, people ALWAYS talk about it being an outdoor sport. It’s not. In most places, people think of badminton as that sport that you play during picnics. You know, the ones where people just lay out that flimsy net and hands everyone a frail racket from the dollar store that has a string tension of 15 pounds and have them hit around in the 20 mph breeze to have 2 hit rallies.

Ok, sure, there’s nothing wrong per se with playing badminton at picnics or outdoors. It’s just not the badminton that is actually considered a sport. Think about it. When playing outdoors, the ground is uneven, the lines are probably wrong, and the WIND screws everything up. I’ve even seen people play it with tennis and volleyball nets!

Seriously, this is not badminton. This is just people wanting to have fun hitting something around. Of course it’s not going to look like the intense and fast sport we know and love.

This whole site is about changing the perception of badminton and increasing its popularity. Just take a look at our About Us page to see how passionate we are about it.

2. Service Height

If you play badminton long enough, you’ll find someone who clearly serves too high. Every. Single. Time. They think it’s legal, but it’s clearly not. And it’s a casual game – you’ll sound like an ass if you call them out. Luckily, they tend to not be that good at badminton anyways so you still beat them. It’s still annoying though to receive serves that have a trajectory of a smash.

3. Shuttles

There’s a reason why the Yonex’s AS-50 is used in most international tournaments in the world. They’re basically the standard when it comes to badminton shuttles. Victor Master Aces are pretty good themselves, but most players tend to like AS-50s more.

4. That Partner

Everyone who has played badminton for a while has experienced this before. You put in a bunch of effort into the rally and finally set up the easiest possible shot for your partner to finish off the point. Then your partner goes haywire and hits it way out. “Oops” they say. You wonder to yourself how it’s even possible. All your hard work is now in flames.

5. Aiming for the Lines

We’ve all seen it before – people who just keep hitting out. It usually happens when people against players they perceive to be much better than they are. So, they end up trying to do super difficult shots – like aiming on the lines (especially for smashes). This actually hurts you more than it helps if you’re not actually consistent enough. Even professionals aim slightly inbounds of the line to keep a margin of error. Being slightly less than perfect is infinitely better than being slightly out.

6. Getting Destroyed

Ever play a game against players that are WAY better than you or at least for that particular game? Yup, we’ve all been there and have had our souls crushed. It’s fine though, you’ll come back stronger another time, right?

7. Broken Strings

Ever see those crazy badminton rallies where players run off the court to get a new racket when their strings break? I’m not entirely sure if that will give you a better chance of winning the rally or not. Apparently the pros think so. I’ll have to try it out some time.

8. Flick Serving Lovers

Ever play against someone who would just keep flick serving? Yup, some people love doing that. It’s not against the rules so they’ll keep doing it, but you can try to ask them nicely to stop. Or try to punish them more effectively. Whichever works better. If there’s any consolation though, the people who always flick serve probably won’t improve their game very quickly as they rely on the serve to gain an advantage.

9. Bringing Shuttles

When people play badminton with each other, everyone is expected to help provide shuttles. It’s one of the 7 Unspoken Practices of Badminton Etiquette. Unless there is some sort of prior communication, you’ll look like a freeloader to everyone else.

10. Net Tumbles

Every badminton player knows that net tumbles are virtually impossible to retrieve back, even when you’re in position. It’s probably the most frequent “luck” component in badminton and players can get frustrated by them since there’s almost nothing you can do about it. Sometimes, close games or matches are won by a net tumble and that’s just how the cookie crumbles.

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