The Ultimate List of Badminton Brands

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Looking for some badminton products and trying to see what brands are out there? Or maybe you’re just wondering what brands are out there besides the big guns like Yonex, Victor, and Li-Ning? In either case, we have a massive list of brands that I bet you would never have known about if you didn’t read this post. If you think you’re game, comment down below how many brands you recognized. We included both low-end and high-end brands so this list will for sure be more than enough for you to explore all of your badminton needs. Be prepared to jump right into the rabbit hole, ready or not – here we go!

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1. Yonex

Yonex logo

Yonex is one of the most well known badminton brands in the world. They are based in Japan and was founded in 1946. Yonex is known for their excellent quality products – including rackets, shuttlecocks, grips, bags, and clothes – and iconic logo. Yonex is such a big name in badminton that most people who are serious about badminton are familiar with the brand. The Badminton World Federation (BWF) has even approved 4 different Yonex shuttlecock products for use in international tournament as of 2020 – the most out of any badminton brand (tied with Victor)! They are the Yonex Aerosensa AS-30Yonex Aerosensa AS-40Yonex Aerosensa AS-50, and Yonex Tournament F-90. This shows how trusted Yonex is in the badminton world and why they are the go to brand for many badminton enthusiasts.

In fact, we love Yonex products here at BadmintonBites, and if we had to recommend one brand, it would be Yonex. Just look at our Badminton Equipment page and see how many posts we’ve done about Yonex products and how we rate their products! You really can’t go wrong with Yonex but their products do tend to be on the pricier side. If you’re planning on playing badminton long term or are planning on taking badminton more seriously, check them out when you have the chance – they’ll be well worth your time.

2. Victor

Victor logo

Victor is a company based in Taiwan and founded in 1968. It is a very well known badminton brand that sponsors many professional players (like Tai Tzu Ying, a top women’s singles player) and international tournaments such as the Malaysian National Badminton Team (since 2015) and the Denmark Open (since 2017). As of 2020, Victor products are sold in more than 60 countries worldwide and is still expanding. While Victor’s founder and long time chairman, Chen Den Li, retired at the end of 2019 – after more than 50 years since Victor was founded – Victor is still going strong and has a big presence in the badminton scene. As mentioned in the Yonex section, Victor is tied with Yonex for having the most number of BWF approved shuttlecocks – they are the Victor Master AceVictor Master No. 1Victor Champion No. 1, and Victor Gold Champion.

Victor even has a series of brand videos typically featuring famous badminton players, check out an example below:

3. Li-Ning

Li-Ning logo

Li-Ning is a company based in China and was founded in 1989 by a famous gymnast called Li Ning (go figure), who won 3 gold medals in the 1984 Olympics. Li Ning retired in 1988 and promptly became a businessman and founded Li-Ning a year later. Since Li-Ning was only founded in 1989, it makes it fairly new compared to some of the other big brands on this list. Even so, Li-Ning has made progress extremely quickly and may even have the largest revenue out of all the badminton brands. For instance, Li-Ning made more than $2 billion USD in revenue in 2019 while Yonex made a little under $600 million. While wildly successful just from looking at these numbers, Li-Ning is mostly popular in China and is not as well known in other countries. Li-Ning has 3 BWF approved shuttlecocks – the Li-Ning A+600, Li-Ning A+ 300, and Li-Ning A+ 100.

4. Ashaway

Ashaway logo

Ashaway Line & Twine Manufacturing Co. is a family owned company based in the United States and was founded in 1824 by Captain Lester Crandall. As its full name suggests, Ashaway specializes in making strings (it actually started off as a fishing line manufacturer) and is in fact the only manufacturer of racket strings in the United States. It offers strings for a variety of sports, including squash, badminton, racquetball, and tennis. 

While Ashaway specializes in strings – which if you’re interested in, you should definitely check out our guide to them – they do also have other products such as shuttlecocks and rackets. However, we would only recommend them if you are looking for cheap options and are not planning on playing seriously.

5. RSL

RSL logo

RSL, or Reinforced Shuttlecock Limited, is a company based in England and was founded in 1928. While RSL has a variety of badminton products, they are most well known for their shuttlecocks – as their name suggests. RSL, as of 2020, distributes to 29 countries and has 20 factories in China – making up to 66 million shuttlecocks a year! They have 2 shuttlecocks that are BWF approved – the RSL Classic Tourney and RSL No. 1 Tourney.

6. Felet

Felet logo

Felet, formerly known as Fleet, is a company based in Malaysia and was founded in 1992. As of 2020, Felet specializes solely in badminton products and their company mission is to “distribute badminton-related equipment that are made only with materials of the finest qualities, determined by extensive research and development on our side”. Their name, Felet, is actually an acronym of their motto, standing for “Finesse, Elegance, Lit, Endurance, and Transformation”.

Felet is quite popular in its home country, Malaysia, but also distributes its products in 15 countries worldwide as of 2020 and is looking to expand more. They offer a wide variety of badminton products – ranging from grips to rackets and shuttlecocks (with the Felet No. 2002 being BWF approved) to even stringing machines. If you ever find their products in your local badminton store, they would be worth a look.

7. Black Knight

Black Knight Logo

Black Knight is a company based in Canada and was founded in 1976. Black Knight, as of 2020, has a partnership with Ashaway to pre-string their rackets with Ashaway strings and to be an ambassador of Ashaway in Canada. Additionally, Black Knight is quite active in the Canadian badminton community, supporting various programs to expose people to the sport and let people meet some of the pros.

8. FZ Forza

FZ Forza Logo

FZ Forza is a company based in Denmark and was founded in 1990. FZ Forza quickly became the leading badminton brand in Denmark by creating quality products at fair prices. Although their website is very minimalistic, they actually have quite a few products to offer, which they showcase in their Yonex-esque catalog – you can find the 2020/2021 one here. It’s fairly unlikely that you’ll come across their products unless you live in Denmark but they are certainly a good option if you’re in the area! Furthermore, they even have a BWF approved shuttlecock – the FZ Forza VIP.

9. Carlton

Carlton logo

Carlton is a company based in England and was founded in 1946. The company focuses on badminton and table tennis products and is known for their research and development of racket sports technology, which you can read more about here. Carlton’s philosophy for racket development puts speed at the forefront, so all of their rackets are designed with speed in mind, making their rackets generally light and even-balanced. While Carlton is not nearly as big of a brand name as Yonex or Victor, some players prefer their rackets, such as their high end Kinesis rackets.

10. Karakal

Karakl Logo

Karakal is a company based in Belgium and was founded in 1978. Karakal offers many products across several racket sports so it is fairly well known among the racket sports community in Europe. For badminton, while they do offer all the essentials, they’re more so known for their racquets and grips while their other categories have a fairly small selection size.

Fun fact: Karakal actually means “Black Ear” in Turkish and is the name of a medium sized wild cat (and is spelled Caracal in English). The logo was made so that the 2 ‘A’ characters on the left and right look like cat ears while the middle ‘A’ has a circle under it to make it look like a shuttlecock.

11. Yehlex and APACS

Yehlex Logo
APACS logo

Yehlex, is a company based in the United Kingdom and was founded in 1985 by Ian Little, who is still the current owner as of 2020. APACS is a subsidiary brand of Yehlex with headquarters in Malaysia and was established in 2002. APACS is an acronym for “Aggressive, Power, Accurate, Control, and Speed” – which represents the major elements of badminton and other racket sports.

Yehlex is used as their brand on most of their shuttlecocks and grips while most of their rackets are branded with APACS. However, APACS does offer a BWF approved shuttlecock – the APACS Aero Flight 800 Supergrade. You can see on their site that you can buy their shuttlecocks with a discount if you buy in bulk, which most other sites don’t offer.

12. Wilson

Wilson logo

Wilson Sporting Goods is a company based in the United States and was founded in 1913 by Thomas E. Wilson and was originally named “Ashland Manufacturing Company”. Wilson is one of the most well known sports brands in the United States as it makes a wide range of sports equipment, including badminton. Wilson isn’t really a big brand name in the badminton world but they do have a good assortment of low-end rackets and even some shuttlecocks. They’re a good option for beginners since their equipment is usually quite affordable.

13. Protech

Protech logo

Protech is a company based in Malaysia and was founded in 1990. Protech was originally a shuttlecock manufacturer but has grown into a company that offers a vast array of other badminton products, including a huge selection of badminton rackets, with 33 racket series in their Classic Store and 5 racket series in their Performance Store as of 2020. They are currently available in 21 countries worldwide (which you can see at the bottom of their brand story page) and may expand more in the coming years.

14. MMOA


MMOA is a company based in Taiwan and was founded in 1980. MMOA, which are the initials of the 4 founders of the brand, produces a wide range of badminton products but is more known for their shuttlecocks (the MMOA Super Select MS-95 is BWF Approved) and their rackets.

15. Kawasaki

Kawasaki logo

Kawasaki is a company based in Japan and was founded in 1896. Its branch, Kawasaki Sports, was founded in 1915 and focused on badminton products and is now expanding into other areas such as tennis and swimming. Their company mission is to “Bring healthy and happy life to people, and make contributions to social progress”. Their products are generally reasonably priced and you can take a look at them in their annual catalogs, which you can see on their website. Kawasaki also offers a shuttlecock that is BWF approved – the Kawasaki Team 1.

16. Babolat

Babolat logo

Babolat is a company based in France and was founded in 1875. It is one of the oldest companies that specializes in racket sports – specifically badminton, tennis, and a not-so-well-known sport called padel. Babolat emphasizes on continual innovation to improve racket sport products with player performance as the focus and end goal. Interestingly, Babolat still produces strings with natural gut material which was common practice in the older days – a fact that most people actually don’t know. Badminton’s history is actually quite fascinating when you dig into it, you can read more in What’s the Origin of Badminton? A Surprising History. Moreover, Babolat offers 2 shuttlecocks that are BWF approved – the Babolat 1 and the Babolat 1+.

17. Mizuno


Mizuno is a company based in Japan and was founded in 1906. Mizuno has several big name brand ambassadors, including 3 previous World Champions – Nozomi Okuhara, Mohammad Ahsan, and the legendary Hendra Setiawan. Most of their badminton products are geared towards rackets but they still have a couple of products in each of the other essential badminton categories.

18. Chaopai Sporting Products

Chaopai Logo

Chaopai Sporting Products is a company based in China and was founded in 1999. Chaopai specializes in manufacturing shuttlecocks (their Chaopai Special Plus shuttlecocks are BWF approved) but also produces other badminton products such as rackets and bags.

19. Anhui Lingmei Sporting Goods

Ling-Mei logo

Anhui Lingmei Sporting Goods, also known as simply Lingmei, is a company based in China and was founded in 1995. Most of Lingmei’s business is done within China (with over 1000 dealers) but they also export to over 50 countries worldwide. Overall, they produce more than 600 million pieces of feathers per year with annual sales of over 200 million yuan ($29 million USD) and also offers a BWF approved shuttlecock – the Ling-Mei 90.

20. Gosen

Gosen Logo

Gosen is a company based in Japan and was founded in 1951. Gosen produces badminton strings, rackets, and shuttlecocks, which you can explore in their catalog. Gosen is fairly active in the badminton and tennis community by sponsoring players and releasing new products. You can see what they’re up to on their news page.

21. Pointfore

Pointfore Logo

Pointfore is a company based in England that specializes in rackets and grips. They currently export to over 20 different countries but mainly distribute in the UK and United States.

22. Proace

Proace Logo

Proace is a company based in the United Kingdom and was founded in 1978. As of 2020, Proace has a fairly limited number of products but overall strives to provide “exceptional products…excellent quality and reasonable prices”.

23. Yang Yang

Yang Yang logo

Yang Yang is a brand owned by Ruby Glamour Sdn Bhd (RG), which is a company based in Malaysia and founded in 1994. RG was cofounded by the legendary badminton player Yang Yang (and thus the badminton brand’s name), who won 2 consecutive world championships and the 1988 Olympics gold when badminton was still a demonstration sport. If you didn’t know, badminton was not an official Olympic sport until 1992, which you can read more about in What’s the Origin of Badminton? A Surprising History. Yang Yang (the brand) specializes in badminton and offers bags, rackets, shuttlecocks (with the Yang Yang 300B being BWF approved), and more.

24. Kimoni/Kimony

Kimony logo

Kimoni, also known as Kimony, is a company based in Hong Kong and was founded in 1977. Kimoni sells many badminton and tennis products but is particularly well known for its grips. Kimoni’s slogan is “The Power of Winning” and promotes sports as a way to have better health while having fun.

25. Dunlop

Dunlop Logo

Dunlop is a company based in Japan and was founded in 1889. Dunlop is a well known brand outside of badminton and has been established for quite some time in other sports such as tennis and squash. In badminton, Dunlop offers quite a few rackets, some of which are in the high end, and also offers a couple of other badminton essentials.

26. Hart Sport

Hart Sport logo

Hart Sport is a company based in Australia and was founded in 1992 by Greg Harten. Hart Sport’s mission is to help people – no matter their age, circumstances, or ability – to stay active. Hart Sport offers low end badminton equipment and outdoor badminton sets.

27. Prokennex

Prokennex Logo

Prokennex is a company based in Taiwan and was founded in 1978. Prokennex offers a couple of badminton rackets, bags, and accessories.

28. Oliver

Oliver Logo

Oliver is a company based in Australia and was founded in 1938 by Jack Oliver. Oliver mostly offers rackets and grips but also has some shuttlecocks – even having their Apex 200 being BWF approved.

29. Cosco India Limited

Cosco logo

Cosco India Limited is a company based in India and was founded in 1980. Cosco India Limited produces products for many different sports and is well known in India. For badminton, they offer all of the essential equipment and even have a BWF approved shuttlecock – the Cosco Platinum Pro.

30. Silver Sports

Silver Sports logo

Silver Sports is a company based in India and was founded in 1965. They have a very large selection of rackets and some shuttlecocks, most of which are cheaply priced when compared to other brands. You can take a look at their catalog over here.

31. Perfly

Perfly logo

Perfly is a brand of Decathlon, which is a company based in France and was founded in 1976. Unfortunately, Perfly’s website, as of September 2020, does not work well so it’ll be difficult for you to browse their site. However, they do offer a BWF approved shuttlecock – the Perfly FSC 990.

32. Jinque

Jinque Logo

Jinque is a brand of Double Fish, which is a company based in China and was founded in 1954. While Double Fish offers products for many sports such as table tennis, Jinque is the badminton brand, which offers rackets and shuttlecocks. Their shuttlecock (of which the Jinque AAA is BWF approved) has been the official shuttlecock of the China Open in the last 5 years.

33. Kumpoo

Kumpoo is a company based in Japan and was founded in 2001. Kumpoo claims to be the 2nd largest badminton brand in Japan (presumably after Yonex) and has the slogan of “Take the Challenge”. They specialize in badminton and offer many rackets and shuttlecocks – they even have a black shuttlecock that is made from black goose feathers and also the Kumpoo Game Point 99 – a BWF approved shuttlecock.

34. Adidas

Adidas Logo

Adidas is a company based in Germany and was founded in 1949. Adidas is a well known sports brand all over the world but isn’t really known for badminton. Interestingly enough, they actually have a BWF approved shuttlecock – the Adidas Flieger FS7.

35. Youhe

Youhe Logo

Youhe is a brand of Ningbo Youhe Sporting Goods Co., Ltd, which is a company based in China and was founded in 1981. Youhe specializes in producing shuttlecocks and sells over 7.2 million shuttlecocks per year. Their Youhe S100 shuttlecocks are approved by BWF.

36. Snowpeak

Snowpeak logo

Snowpeak is a brand of Shaoxing Xuekang Sports Goods Co., Ltd, which is a company based in China and was founded in 1958. Snowpeak specializes in shuttlecocks and has 2 BWF approved ones – the Snowpeak Superior C1101 and Snowpeak Superior SP404.

Phew, that was a lot of brands! But wait, there’s more! Below are even more brands that either don’t have a website or have very few badminton products. We won’t add descriptions for them but we’ll just list them out for you to research some more if you’d like.

  1. Asics
  2. Fischer
  3. Flypower
  4. Gamma
  5. Leipai
  6. Nivia
  7. Puma Kuning
  8. Reinforce Speed
  9. SOTX
  10. Salming
  11. Slazenger
  12. Toalson
  13. Winex

How many brands did you recognize? And did we miss some brands? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Have a look at
    They have revolutionized badminton with science by increasing the feather life by 2-3x…getting very popular in US and expanding pretty fast

  2. You missed JNICE.I think this is the fastest growing brand. It comes from Taiwan and sells in more than 50 countries around the world. It is worth recommending!

  3. Hey, I was just wondering if anyone could tell me anything about Manta? My dad has a ceramic badminton racket from them that he used in high school, and I cannot find any information about them at all. It is like they never made badminton rackets at all, and only ever did tennis and now pickle ball.

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