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Men’s doubles is explosive and fast. Partnerships need the perfect balance of teamwork, speed, and raw power to be the very best. Now the question is, what age do men’s doubles players perform at their peak? In this post, we’ve gathered data in the top professional tournaments from 2000 to 2021 to determine what the prime age is for men’s doubles. Here are the results.

Statistically, the prime age for men’s doubles players is around 26 years old. Results indicate that men’s doubles players still perform very well up to age 34. Overall, players players from the ages of 23 to 34 have a good chance of winning a major title. Results drop off for ages less than 23 and higher than 34.

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To get these results, we collected the ages of all the men’s doubles badminton players that won gold medals at the Yonex All England, World Championships, and Olympic Games from 2000 to 2021. The ages that were used to calculate the results represent the ages at which the players won the tournaments. You can see all of the data visualized and organized in tables below.

Men's Doubles Badminton Gold Medals By Age

As shown above, the most common men’s doubles gold medalist age is 26 years old. However, the average and median ages are 27.4 and 26.5 years old respectively. The spread of the results are quite interesting since there are several spikes in medals as we go higher from the average of 26.5 years. Generally, we would expect a gradual decline from the peak like we see on the left of 26. However, we see spikes at 29 and 34, which seem a bit strange.

What might help explain these spikes is the fact that men’s doubles pairings come with 2 players. Having to work with another player requires a lot of teamwork and partners who have played longer with each other are probably more in sync with each other. Furthermore, having 2 players on a court make it so each player has to cover a smaller portion of the court. While doubles is usually faster paced, it does mean that doubles players do not need to travel as much and have more “breaks” when their partner is the one hitting the shuttle. This might help explain why there are more older players who have won gold medals than what we see in men’s singles.

Here’s all of the major statistics summarized:

Standard Deviation3.8

All England Results

2000Ha Tae-kwon25
2000Kim Dong-moon24.5
2001Tony Gunawan26
2001Halim Haryanto24.5
2002Ha Tae-kwon27
2002Kim Dong-moon26.5
2003Candra Wijaya27.5
2003Sigit Budiarto27.5
2004Jens Eriksen34
2004Martin Lundgaard Hansen31.5
2005Cai Yun25
2005Fu Haifeng22
2006Jens Eriksen36
2006Martin Lundgaard Hansen33.5
2007Koo Kien Keat21.5
2007Tan Boon Heong19.5
2008Jung Jae-sung25.5
2008Lee Yong-dae19.5
2009Cai Yun29
2009Fu Haifeng26
2010Lars Paaske34
2010Jonas Rasmussen32.5
2011Mathias Boe30.5
2011Carsten Mogensen27.5
2012Jung Jae-sung29.5
2012Lee Yong-dae23.5
2013Liu Xiaolong25
2013Qiu Zihan22
2014Mohammad Ahsan26.5
2014Hendra Setiawan29.5
2015Mathias Beo34.5
2015Carsten Mogensen31.5
2016Vladimir Ivanov28.5
2016Ivan Sozonov26.5
2017Marcus Fernaldi Gideon26
2017Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo21.5
2018Marcus Fernaldi Gideon27
2018Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo22.5
2019Mohammad Ahsan31.5
2019Hendra Setiawan34.5
2020Hiroyuki Endo33
2020Yuta Watanabe23
2021Hiroyuki Endo34
2021Yuta Watanabe24
Standard Deviation4.4

World Championships and Olympic Games Results

Years 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012, and 2016 are for the Olympic Games.

2000Tony Gunawan25.5
2000Candra Wijaya7
2001Tony Gunawan26.5
2001Halim Haryanto7
2003Lars Paaske27.5
2003Jonas Rasmussen7
2004Ha Tae-kwon29.5
2004Kim Dong-moon7
2005Howard Bach26.5
2005Tony Gunawan7
2006Cai Yun26.5
2006Fu Haifeng7
2007Markis Kido24
2007Hendra Setiawan7
2008Markis Kido25
2008Hendra Setiawan7
2009Cai Yun29.5
2009Fu Haifeng7
2010Cai Yun30.5
2010Fu Haifeng7
2011Cai Yun31.5
2011Fu Haifeng7
2012Cai Yun32.5
2012Fu Haifeng7
2013Mohammad Ahsan26
2013Hendra Setiawan7
2014Ko Sung-hyun27
2014Shin Baek-cheol7
2015Mohammad Ahsan28
2015Hendra Setiawan7
2016Zhang Nan26.5
2016Fu Haifeng7
2017Liu Cheng25.5
2017Zhang Nan7
2018Li Junhui23.5
2018Liu Yuchen7
2019Mohammad Ahsan32
2019Hendra Setiawan7
Standard Deviation3

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