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Women’s doubles is a battle of wits, technique, and endurance. Top women’s doubles players have rock solid defense and precise control. To win major badminton tournaments, players need to be at their very best to overcome the fierce competition. Alas, youth fades away and players have less energy to continue their pursuit. So then, at what age do women’s doubles players do their best? In this post, we’ve gathered data in the top professional tournaments from 2000 to 2021 to determine what the prime age is for women’s doubles. Here are the results.

Statistically, the prime age for women’s doubles players is around 24 years old. Results indicate that women still perform very well between the ages of 22 and 27. However, historical results show less success prior to age 22 and after age 27. This suggests that women’s doubles players tend to achieve their peak performance in their mid 20s in the professional badminton scene.

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To get these results, we collected the ages of all the women’s doubles badminton players that won gold medals at the Yonex All England, World Championships, and Olympic Games from 2000 to 2021. The ages that were used to calculate the results represent the ages at which the players won the tournaments. You can see all of the data visualized and organized in tables below.

Women's Doubles Badminton Gold Medals By Age

As shown above, the most common women’s doubles gold medalist age is 24 years old. However, the average and median ages are 27.4 and 24.8 years old respectively. These numbers are significantly higher than the average and median ages of Women’s Singles Gold Medalists. This might be the case because doubles players do not have to cover as much area per player and have more opportunities to “rest” when their partner is taking the shots. Older players tend to have better technique and game sense but less endurance. This means that older players have a better chance of staying at the top of women’s doubles than in women’s singles.

Here’s all of the major statistics summarized:

Standard Deviation2.6

All England Results

2000Ge Fei24.5
2000Gu Jun25
2001Gao Ling22
2001Huang Sui19
2002Gao Ling23
2002Huang Sui20
2003Gao Ling24
2003Huang Sui21
2004Gao Ling25
2004Huang Sui22
2005Gao Ling26
2005Huang Sui23
2006Gao Ling27
2006Huang Sui24
2007Wei Yili25
2007Zhang Yawen22
2008Lee Hyo-jung27
2008Lee Kyung-won27
2009Zhang Yawen24
2009Zhao Tingting26.5
2010Du Jing26
2010Yu Yang24
2011Wang Xiaoli22
2011Yu Yang25
2012Tian Qing25.5
2012Zhao Yunlei25.5
2013Wang Xiaoli24
2013Yu Yang27
2014Wang Xiaoli25
2014Yu Yang28
2015Bao Yixin22.5
2015Tang Yuanting20.5
2016Misaki Matsutomo24
2016Ayaka Takahashi26
2017Chang Ye-na27.5
2017Lee So-hee24
2018Kamilla Rytter Juhl34.5
2018Christinna Pedersen32
2019Chen Qingchen22
2019Jia Yifan22
2020Yuki Fukushima27
2020Sayaka Hirota25.5
2021Mayu Matsumoto25.5
2021Wakana Nagahara25
Standard Deviation2.8

World Championships and Olympic Games Results

Years 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012, and 2016 are for the Olympic Games.

2000Gei Fei25
2000Gu Jun25.5
2001Gao Ling22.5
2001Huang Sui19.5
2003Gao Ling24.5
2003Huang Sui21.5
2004Yang Wei25.5
2004Zhang Jiewen23.5
2005Yang Wei26.5
2005Zhang Jiewen24.5
2006Gao Ling27.5
2006Huang Sui24.5
2007Yang Wei28.5
2007Zhang Jiewen26.5
2008Du Jing24
2008Yu Yang22.5
2009Zhang Yawen24.5
2009Zhao Tingting26.5
2010Du Jing26
2010Yu Yang24.5
2011Wang Xiali22
2011Yu Yang25.5
2012Tian Qing26
2012Zhao Yunlei26
2013Wang Xiali24
2013Yu Yang27.5
2014Tian Qing28
2014Zhao Yunlei28
2015Tian Qing29
2015Zhao Yunlei29
2016Misaki Matsutomo24.5
2016Ayaka Takahashi26.5
2017Chen Qingchen20
2017Jia Yifan20
2018Mayu Matsumoto23
2018Wakana Nagahara22.5
2019Mayu Matsumoto24
2019Wakana Nagahara23.5
Standard Deviation2.4

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