What is BWF’s Coaching Framework?

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Some people get a kick out of playing badminton and experiencing the fast-paced action first-hand. However, some don’t like court action and would prefer to help aspiring players reach their full badminton potential. For this group of people, coaching is the way to go — and what better way to learn the ropes than through the Badminton World Federation’s (BWF) coaching framework?

The BWF Coaching Framework is the official coaching curriculum of the BWF. The BWF designed it to enhance badminton coaching across all levels of badminton, emphasizing coach-centered competency. It offers a progressive pathway for coaches to sharpen their coaching skills and knowledge gradually. The coaching framework caters to different levels of caching competency. At each coaching level, the framework covers essential content and includes practical assessment tasks. Aspiring coaches who complete the curriculum receive international certification to acknowledge their achievements. The certification highlights their dedication and proficiency, giving them the qualification to coach nationally and internationally. At the highest levels, graduates can become preceptors for aspiring BWF-certified coaches. In essence, the BWF Coach Education Framework serves as a robust foundation for the development and global recognition of badminton coaches, ensuring the sport’s quality and growth from grassroots to elite levels.

Do you see yourself providing coaching cues on how to deliver the perfect smash or clear? If you do, then you’ll want to know more about the curriculum that can make your coaching dreams come true. Join me as we go in-depth into the BWF coaching framework!

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The BWF Coaching Framework and Who It’s For

If you’re thinking of signing up for any of the BWF coaching framework’s courses, you need to know what to expect. Also, you’ll need a clear picture of who the course was designed for. I’m here to fill you in on those details.

The BWF designed the coaching framework to be organized into different levels. Each level offers comprehensive instruction based on a student’s competency and past badminton experience. The coaching framework has six levels, catering to everyone from P.E. teachers to interested candidates looking to make the switch to badminton coaching. After completing any of the courses in the framework, students will graduate with certifications that qualify them to pursue jobs and positions requiring these credentials.

That’s just a wide view of what the framework offers and its target audience. Let’s talk about the different people who the BWF had in mind when they designed the curriculums.

Training and P.E. Teachers

The first group who can sign up for some BWF coaching classes includes teachers, particularly teachers in training and P.E. teachers. For this group, the first level of the framework is available and awards a badminton teaching certificate.

The certificate will enable training teachers and P.E. teachers to provide in-depth instruction in badminton and the rules of the game.

If training teachers and P.E. teachers want to take their badminton coaching to the next level, they can do so (along with other interested candidates) by signing up for the Level 1 course.

Interested Candidates With Badminton Experience

Interested candidates can be anyone. The only prerequisite is prior badminton experience. Experience can be teaching badminton in a school setting or being a badminton player.

Interested candidates with badminton experience can enroll in the Level 1 course. In the Level 1 course, candidates will learn basic coaching principles and how to progress lessons for students.

Candidates With a Level 1 Certification

If a student already possesses a Level certification, they can take it a notch higher. For this group, the BWF has the Level 2 certification, a badminton credential that enables graduates to train competitive badminton players.

Ex-Badminton Players with National and International Experience

Badminton players with national and international experience will have sufficient knowledge of the game that allows them to skip the Level 1 certification. Like Level 1-certified candidates, this group can sign up for the Level 2 course and be eligible to coach competitive badminton players after graduation.

Experienced Level 2 Coaches

Level 2 coaches are also some of the target candidates of the BWF’s coaching framework. For this group, the BWF offers the Level 3 course. To be eligible for this course, candidates need to possess the Level 2 certification and have at least three years of experience in coaching badminton in any setting.

Highly Experienced Coaches

Highly experienced coaches can also enroll in the BWF coaching curriculum. Candidates belonging to this group are eligible for the Level 4 course. In this course, candidates must undergo rigorous study of a specialized subject.

Candidates With Experience in Coaching Development

The BWF takes coaching development seriously. For this reason, it also designed a curriculum for candidates who have relevant experience in training or assisting badminton coaches. For candidates with experience in any aspect of coaching development, the BWF offers the coach educator certification.

The BWF Coaching Framework Levels

I mentioned earlier that the coaching framework consists of several courses at varying levels. These are the BWF coaching framework levels and exist to cater to candidates with different levels of badminton experience and coaching knowledge.

The BWF coaching framework consists of six levels, starting with the badminton teaching certificate. Open to P.E. and training teachers, the badminton teaching certification program is the fundamental level of the framework. From here, the curriculum progresses to the Level 1 certification, followed by the Level 2, 3, and 4 certifications, which develop competitive badminton coaching and training program management. At the highest level of the BWF coaching framework is the coach educator program, a program that aims to develop coach trainers.

Each of these levels awards a different certification and requires interested candidates to meet different criteria. For the Level 2, 3, and 4 courses and the coach educator program, other certifications in the coaching framework and relevant coaching experience are non-negotiable requirements.

A Deep Dive Into the BWF Coaching Framework Levels

You now know what the coaching framework is, who it’s for, and how many levels it consists of. However, if you’re like me, you’d like to know what each level offers enrollees.

The coaching framework levels provide in-depth instruction into all aspects of badminton coaching. The first level or the badminton teaching certificate program introduces learners to the fundamentals of badminton, from its rules to the basic strokes. The Level 1 certification covers coaching principles, as with the Level 2 and 3 coaching programs. The Level 4 certification is where candidates learn how to plan and implement long-term training programs for competitive badminton players. Lastly, the coach educator program equips learners with the knowledge and skills necessary to teach other coaches.

Badminton Teaching Certificate

This is the foundational level within the BWF coaching framework. It primarily targets current or aspiring teachers and physical education instructors and consists of an eight-hour course, either delivered in a one-day format or divided into eight one-hour modules.

Participants of the course learn badminton skills and knowledge that encompass technical, physical, and tactical elements. The core focus is on how to conduct safe and enjoyable badminton sessions for children.

Graduates of the course emerge with the ability to plan and execute well-structured and fun badminton activities and sessions.

Level 1

The Level 1 course represents the next step for individuals motivated to advance their badminton coaching skills. It’s for those with basic badminton experience or knowledge, including P.E. teachers who hold a badminton teaching certificate.
This level takes nine days to finish. Alternatively, the course can also be completed in two separate two-day courses with guided coaching practice in between.

The curriculum delves into fundamental coaching principles; technical, tactical, physical, and psychological aspects of Level 1 coaching; and basic coaching methodologies. Participants learn to plan and deliver structured coaching sessions. To graduate, candidates must demonstrate essential coaching competencies, including effective planning, delivery, review, and evaluation.

Safe group activity management is also emphasized, with assessments conducted by course tutors.

Level 2

This level is for Level 1 coaches or those with equivalent experience. Players possessing national or international badminton expertise can also sign up for the course.

This level takes at least six days to finish, consisting of tutored activities that are supplemented by guided coaching practice and planning.

The curriculum builds upon coaching principles and introduces Level 2 coaching techniques. It covers technical, tactical, and physical elements, integrating scientific principles and knowledge. In the program, participants learn to create annual training and competition programs for individual badminton players.

By the end of the course, the graduate should be able to create and implement annual training and competition plans, complete with individual training programs rooted in sports science principles. Graduates must also display effectiveness in managing player groups up to the elite performance level.

Level 3

Level 3 is the advanced stage, intended for Level 2 coaches or those who have coached for at least three years. This level involves tutored generic and specialist modules, along with an extensive study of an agreed-upon research area to demonstrate competence. It focuses on advanced planning and delivery for specialized audiences, including children, elite performance, and coach education.

Successful candidates showcase an in-depth knowledge of their chosen specialist area, coupled with the ability to manage and integrate other coaches and experts into training plans on and off the court.
That’s not all. Students must complete a long-term study in an agreed-upon research area to graduate. They must present their findings before a panel of relevant coaching experts.

Level 4

Level 4 represents the highest tier within the framework, targeting highly experienced coaches with a background in program management. This level involves graduate or postgraduate level study and spans a minimum of one year. The focus here is on advanced-level long-term planning, delivery, and management within a chosen area of expertise.

To graduate, candidates must apply sports science research, innovative practices, and best practices to their coaching. The hallmark of a Level 4 coach is the ability to demonstrate long-term developmental programs and planning in their specialist area. Students must produce a thesis on their chosen specialist area that an external panel of relevant coaches and sports scientists will evaluate.

Coach Educator Level

This level is distinct from coaching levels as it focuses on individuals with existing experience in coach development. The course length depends on the level of the award being pursued, such as Schools Badminton Tutors, Schools Badminton Trainers, or Level 1 Coach Educators.

The program’s emphasis is on the ability to effectively instruct adult coaches and physical education teachers. Graduates should cater to diverse learning styles and apply various teaching and learning techniques.

High-level communication skills are crucial for success in this role, and assessments are conducted by external assessors. These individuals play a critical role in disseminating coaching knowledge and expertise throughout the badminton community.

Where To Learn More

You may have read most of what you needed to know about the BWF coaching framework if you’ve gotten this far in the post. However, if you need more information, here are other resources the BWF has made available to prospective learners.

First, you can check out the

BWF Development page for more information on the coaching level framework. Besides BWF Development, also feel free to head to the BWF Development Youtube channel. The channel has free videos on what’s covered in the Level 1 and 2 Coaching Framework. Lastly, you can also browse a tabulated version of the BWF Coaching Framework for more information on competencies and eligibility criteria.

Be a Coach by Getting Coached Up!

If you’re interested in spreading your badminton knowledge and skills, the BWF Coaching Framework is for you. Sign up for one of the coaching levels and join other like-minded candidates in shaping the future of badminton talent!

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